Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been drawn to astrology and numerology- signs, meanings, birthdays and connecting the dots always seemed to fascinate me. In high school, one of my teachers had the book, “The Secret Language of Relationships” (which uses birthdays to interpret relationships), and I’d grab it every chance I got. So I ended up buying the book when I was in college and read it to all of my girlfriends, especially when they acquired new boyfriends...we all seemed to gather around that text for guidance, and years later, I still have it!

Fast forward to 2012: I was living in San Francisco with my boyfriend of 4 years, and became completely lost, depressed, angry, and felt like the saddest version of myself I’d ever known. We weren’t happy, I definitely wasn’t happy, and I’d wake up each morning crying my eyes out, staring at myself in the mirror trying to figure out what the deal was. I was seeing a psychiatrist and taking medication that didn’t seem to help, and I was hiding all of this from my best friends and my parents.

I remember waking up one day and watching myself cry in the mirror. I got so fed up and told myself, “You need to learn how to let go of things that are not good for you.” Two weeks later, my boyfriend and I had what I like to call a divorce- I moved out, told my parents and my closest friends everything, stopped taking medication, and found a new therapist. For the first time in years I felt free to explore. I met someone almost immediately, and was devastated when it didn’t work out. And I continued to have a long string of short relationships that never seemed to work. I was floundering and searching for answers, so naturally, I turned back to astrology as a way to understand the entire chain of events. I started talking to psychics for guidance, and learned how to listen to my intuition. I realized my constant failed relationships were fueling my spiritual growth and development. Ultimately, these “failures” served as my inspiration to dive deeper, while searching for clarity and understanding.

In early 2015, I stumbled upon Kundalini Yoga and started spending my Sundays taking classes at the Guru Ram Das Ashram in the Haight Ashbury in San Francisco. It became my weekly ritual. I’d take a class, sit and have coffee at the cafe down the street by myself, and shop for crystals. It was magical, and my life felt magical. I was having the best year of my life! My attitude was all about having fun and being open to new experiences, and those are the exact things I began to attract. I took my first solo trip to Bali, learned how to surf, got WSET level 2 certified, went to New York for the first time, hit my 25th country visited on a work trip to Dublin, and went to Greece for my 30th birthday.

Three months into my Kundalini practice I had the most clarity on life I’d ever experienced. It was the weekend Britt’s mom passed away. I could hear very clearly that it was time to move home, back to LA. This was a move I’d been resisting for about two years, but this time I knew it was necessary and urgent to be home with Britt, and my mom too.

In November of that year, I moved to the cutest little bungalow by the beach in Santa Monica. and I now practice Kundalini daily, read angel cards, and actively study astrology and spiritual principles at a deeper level than ever before.

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