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RISE UP was not created to change who you are because duh, you’re already pretty awesome. Instead, it was created to uplift you, to raise you higher, to make your light shine brighter, to make you feel better than you ever thought was even possible. It was created to give you the knowledge and tools to increase your energetic vibration, to uplift all areas of your life, and help keep you there.

We’ll go deep into what it means to live a high vibrational lifestyle. You may ask “What does that even mean?!” From a high vibrational state of being, you attract everything you could want and need, maintaining a peaceful mind in the most difficult situations becomes second nature, your relationships with everyone and everything become happier and healthier, and re-aligning to your life purpose becomes attainable. It’s blissful relief.

Britt Deanda + Tara Schulenberg, high vibrational lifestyle experts, will drop tons of knowledge with an easy to follow process to implement new habits and RISE UP to your highest potential. We packed what we’ve learned over the past 7 years into a 6-week journey that will give you all the tools, resources, and inspiration you need to raise your optimal health and happiness levels, increase the connection to yourself and the universe, and re-align with your purpose. It’s going to be amazing!

RISE UP is completely online and is a self study course designed to be completed over six weeks.We’ll dive deep into high vibrational living and tools you can implement for stress management, nutrition, mindset + connection, self-care, and manifesting. It is a step-by-step plan to attaining and living a higher vibrational lifestyle.


- Six weekly deep dive videos in the dashboard (1 per week)

- The High Vibe Livin RISE UP Morning Ritual (breathwork, meditation, gratitude) Video

- Nutrition + Smoothie Recipe Video

- Six Kundalini Yoga + meditation classes to align with each chakra (1 per week)

- Weekly Kundalini moves to align with each chakra

- Plant-based superfood, anti-inflammatory, and alkaline meal plan (20+ recipes)

- High Vibe Livin software to track your progress/journal

- Weekly support emails

- 24/7 coaching and support

Unlimited replays and Lifetime Access to course

PLUS: “Inner-homework” activities that will help you truly RISE UP to a higher version of yourself.

PLUS: Worksheet to help you identify how to balance your planetary energies.

PLUS: Access to the Private RISE UP FB Group for support, inspiration and questions!

BONUS: AFFIRMATION + MANIFESTING eBook. The 30+ most powerful affirmations (for money, relationships, and happiness) and a guide to creating your own affirmation. High level manifesting strategies to allow you to fulfill your purpose and attract your dreams into your life quickly! Learn the Exact Strategy that Britt used to manifest her dream home and 3 hour pain free birth + Tara used to manifest her move to Santa Monica.

Total value for this course is $1,999

Normally $997

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The Content

Module One: Learn the High Vibe Livin RISE UP morning ritual that will set up your day for success. Connect to your higher-self each morning and align with higher vibrations so the rest of your day flows. You’ll also get the High Vibe Livin RISE UP meal plan with plant based, anti-inflammatory, alkaline, and high vibrational ingredients. It will start to cleanse your body of toxins and lower vibrations and give you more energy to shine. This week’s Kundalini yoga class will focus on removing blocks from the first Root chakra (Muladhara).

Module Two: We’ll dive into teachings from A Course in Miracles about shifting your mindset to release negative, fear-based thoughts, and operate from a positive, loving mindset. This week is all about shifting your perspective and changing the way you think. We’ll share the High Vibe Livin techniques we use for affirmations, mantra, and visualization. This week’s Kundalini yoga class will focus on balancing your second Sacral chakra (Svadhisthana), and strengthening your third Solar Plexus chakra (Manipura).

Module Three: We’ll help you pinpoint where your self-love practices are out of balance. You’ll be given planetary practices to increase energy in areas of weakness. We’ll also focus on yogic and ayurvedic self-care practices for beauty, sleep and hygiene that will amp up your self-love game and leave you radiant. This week’s Kundalini Yoga class will focus on healing your fourth Heart Chakra (Anāhata).

Module Four: Learn high vibe ways to manage the daily stress so that you can handle life’s challenges gracefully. Transform the the way you react to situations and learn how to be unshakable. This week’s Kundalini Yoga class will focus on opening the fifth Throat chakra (Viśuddha).

Module Five: We’ll focus on increasing your intuition and the connection to your angels and guides through meditation, angel numbers and signs. Learn about past-life relationships, soulmates and twin flames, and learn how to make your current relationships flourish. This week’s Kundalini Yoga class will activate your sixth Third Eye chakra (Ajna).

Module Six: Bad-ass manifesting techniques to manifest what you want quickly. Learn the science behind manifesting, how to tap into what you really desire, and how to align your energy to achieve your goals and dreams. This week’s Kundalini Yoga class will increase the connection of your seventh Crown chakra (Sahasrāra).

How It Works

This course is held completely online and you can get started right away. When you sign up you will get your login info and instructions.

You will receive access to all modules upon enrolling but the course is meant to be done in 6 weeks - one module per week. Each week comes with a video diving into each topic in the dashboard.

You have completely unlimited replays and lifetime access to everything, all yoga classes, the morning ritual, meal plan, and module videos. We think you will love to take this course again and again.

You will receive access to the Private RISE UP Facebook group upon enrolling.

Check your email after enrolling!

If you have any questions email support@highvibelivin.com.

“The past few mornings I have done the morning ritual (with the prosperity meditation) and I wanted to share all the goodness that has been rolling around here. First off, I am NOT a person who cares about money...(block there for sure) but the second day of my morning ritual I found myself while journaling to "be open to abundance" "be open to being compensated for my efforts" "be open to the flow of money and goodness." Later that day, in the mail...a check. (unexpected $$) LLater on in the day, several messages from thankful and grateful people inspired by my work...and today...my husband was awarded a very large endowment thru his company....so we ran off and bought the entertainment center I saw yesterday and was loving. BAM!!! Prosperity! - Stephanie I
“Amazing how much life can evolve in a 4 week period! Love the morning ritual - could barely make it thru 1 yoga class the 1st week - doing 3 a week now - health is improving - I'm more compassionate w/myself & others + open to doing new things - signed a new client - did a 1st time painting class - taking dancing lessons with hubby, got a new car last week - I'm stress free & full of light, have my joy of life back & able to speak my truth. Hope all of you are having positive life changes too! Love being on this journey w/you two. Look forward to every post from you & T. Appreciate you both & all of the gals in our tribe more than words can say” - Nicole K
“Good morning! I'm on Day 12 of the magic morning ritual and I'm enjoying it so much! I even look forward to it. I'm feeling the calmness/surrender and definitely more clarity. I also feel like I'm clearing mental clutter and making more space. I never thought I'd develop or commit to a meditation practice but I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for your high vibes!” -Christine R
Hi all. Just finished the stress management week and have loved learning about the aryuvedic doshas. It was helpful in itself to recognize my stress patterns. The next time I was in a stressful situation I practiced breath of fire to release the stress and the affirmations and manifestations to stop and ask the universe. I practiced the throat chakra yoga class in between teaching two of my yoga classes . Interestingly I found myself heaps clearer, more confident and concise as a result. Daily morning rituals are also going great. Kisses to all! What a fab couple of months it's been doing this! Thank you xxxx- Jenni
Today was such a great day. I was up early, well 8 am on a Saturday is pretty early for me lol. I did the the morning ritual, made turmeric tea, did yoga, made the rise up magic morning tonic and ate a delicious Buddha Bowl for dinner. Today was all about my self care. My son is spending the weekend at his grandparents and it was so wonderful to have a day that was all about caring for myself. I feel re-energized and sparkly! This course has provided so much direction and focus. And all at the perfect time!! Truly magical. -Terilyn

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1 Payment of $497 2 Payments of $250

Need to know more?


Britt is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and all of the yoga and meditations in this program are Kundalini meditations that are 5,000 years old and are ancient proven practices that have powerful results. Kundalini Meditations are known and proven to work faster than any other meditation style, which is one of the reasons we practice and teach Kundalini. All of the meditations we do will increase your nervous system and your awareness and then the specific formula of each one taps into the parts of your brain, cells, and organs to specifically work on and activate specific areas of your life.


There will be a series of videos to watch each week, totalling between 15-40 minutes. You will be committing to working on doing the morning ritual every day for 15 minutes and the yoga class which is around 1 hour each week and we recommend to do it at least once a week. If you can’t do it one morning- fit it in some other time within the day but try to do it in the morning most days to see the maximum results. When you spend even as little as 3 minutes with meditation, visualization and gratitude you will start to notice the other 23 hours and 57 minutes of your day will be much better! There will also be a yoga class to practice and is recommended to do it at least twice a week! Besides that we will save you time on meal planning! We will teach you how to maximize your time and you will start to feel like you have more time open up when you incorporate these practices into your life.


Yes, absolutely- these meditations and yoga classes are for ALL levels, anyone can do them. It is NOT about touching your toes, Kundalini yoga and meditation is about much more than that and it opens up your chakras and clears your mind and body mentally, physically and spiritually. There are options for beginners and more intermediate to advanced meditators. If you are first starting out meditating and yoga it will be a bit more difficult to quiet your mind because you first need to cleanse out your subconscious and unconscious mind, but the good thing is we have designed this program to focus on that in the beginning and the more you practice the easier it will get. We will give you all the tools to get through any frustrations or blocks and that is all a part of the process, depending on where you are at. Bottom line is anyone can do this if they have the desire and want too, we will make sure to help you get to where you need to be!


For $497, less than $12 a day you will gain so much value in your life. We believe we come into certain things in our life for a reason and if you feel this is something you could really benefit from, trust that it is worth it! If you are worried about this expense, think about ways you can cut out anything you spend $12+ a day (coffee, energy drinks, unhealthy food, etc) that isn’t serving your highest good and replace it with this program! We can also tell you from experience that when you do this work, opportunities and more abundance and prosperity will come to you and it will be so worth it and many people who took our course have come into major abundance. We are so confident that we have a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so as long as you do the ritual, yoga classes, and modules but don’t feel like you saw a value we will refund your money. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible but we’ll tell you that the times when we have invested in ourselves and our well-being, we’ve have been so happy we did! Please email us with any other questions or concerns on the price - highvibelivin@gmail.com.

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